Shot Blasting

Shot Peening Services UK offer a shot blasting service from the smallest part up-to parts of 30 ton, on our 2 acre site we have the space to accommodate any size, shape and weight that you require.

Shot Blasting & Grit Blasting

Shotpeeningservicesuk uses various different media,

  • Ali oxide
  • Steel shot
  • Steel grit
  • Glass bead
  • Plastic media
  • Garnet
  • And many more
  • We use these different media to achieve the finish that you require

Shot Blasting & Grit Blasting - Before & After

Shot Peening Services UK use shot blasting in preparation for a coating or metal spraying, we remove the scale, rust or old coating off the component during this process it also roughens the surface witch helps with adhesion for the coatings that we apply to your parts.

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