Powder Coating

Shot Peening Services UK provide high-quality powder coating services that meet our customers’ quality, delivery and turnaround requirements. From short run to mass production volumes we have the capacity to meet your demands and the spread of our UK facilities means that we always have a site near you.

High-Quality Powder Coating

High-Quality Powder CoatingTrusted by leading suppliers, precision engineers and OEMs in the automotive, oil and gas, medical and aerospace sectors, we provide outstanding technical support, turnaround times and delivery reliability for anything from high-performance brake callipers to medical devices.

Whether you are looking for multiple colours, a high-quality finish, durability or corrosion protection, contact us now to discuss your requirements.

Key PropertiesTypical Applications
AestheticsAlloy wheels
Range of coloursBrake calipers
DurabilityArchitectural components
Corrosion protectionBicycle frames

Powder coating is just one of the many services we provide, learn more by taking a look at our services page.