Glass Bead Peening

Glass bead peening: Is a successful way of increasing the fatigue properties of metal components and resistance to stress corrosion cracking. Glass beads are very light and hard that produces a magnitude layer of residual compressive stress while leaving a even surface finish.

Glass beads can be brought in small media sizes meaning that they can be used on intricate components with tight tolerances also Being Non ferrous media glass beads are used to peen aluminium and stainless steel where ferrous media can contaminate the surface of the component.

Glass bead blasting: Can be used to finish metallic surfaces which require a clean, bright silk finish while improving the wear & capability of the part. It is used commonly for polishing off slim walled parts or thin welds that will be ruined if a more substantial media was utilized. Glass beads are also used to get rid of minor burring and also to smooth edges on metallic parts.

So what’s the advantages of choosing glass bead blasting?

Glass bead blasting:

Glass Bead Peening - Improving Metallic Finishes.

  • Eradicates minor burring
  • Smooths metallic edges
  • Leaves the surface a silky finish
  • And much more….

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