Controlled Shot Peening

Shot Peening Services UK offers a controlled shot peening service performed under strict controlled conditions, with being controlled we can offer a consistent and repeat service.

Controlled shot peening is a process utilized by many companies to improve the fatigue life of their machinery and it’s components. Shot peening is the procedure of impacting material with spherical media to convey energy on to the surface of a component. The quantity of pressure imparted on to the material’s are proportionate to the quantity of energy applied. The introduction of this compressive layer, lowers the effect that any applied pressure could have on the material.

Effects Of Controlled Shot Peening.

Benefits Of Controlled Shot Peening.

  • Improves component performance
  • Increases fatigue life
  • Increases the strength of the component
  • Reduces manufacturing stresses

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Controlled peening is just one of the services we provide to our client base, we also offer glass bead peening, dry ice blasting, plastic media blasting & we also provide on site services too.