At Shot Peening Services UK we have extensive expertise in industries where high performance of very important components is required.

Shot Peening Industry.

We are a (uk) based business specialising in high quality surface technologies to enhance efficiency and extend the lifespan of critical parts. We understand that shipping fundamental parts, components or machinery can have an impact on production & income,  this is why we are also in a position to provide on site processing (uk) wide.

Sectors We Operate In Within The Shot Peening Industry. 

When you’re in industries where the optimum performance from light-weight materials is needed, our company provides treatments that will enhance and extend the overall performance characteristics by safeguarding surfaces from any external damage or corrosion and lengthen the cyclic performance.

There are additional companies that provide shot peening services, however the surface treatments we provide allow the Motorsport/Automotive sector to make use of cost-effective, high quality materials that have the capability of enduring high & varying loads.

Commercial blasting or shot peening is a procedure used by lots of companies. There are various benefits and uses for this procedure. It can be useful for anti vandal purposes, for aesthetic purposes and for work hardened surfaces which can reduce scratches as well as provide a far more appealing overall look.

Oil, Gas & Mining
The oil & gas drilling industry operates with in high temperatures, highly stressed & corrosif environments. That is the reason why shot peening is a vital tool to increase, lenghten the lifespan of the drilling & exploration equipment. The use of corrosion resistant coatings is used on various components, not simply to resist the corrosif environments but also to create seal for the hydraulic pressure.

Renewable Energy
Our processes are employed to enhance the performance of both steam and gas turbine engines, auxiliary components & equipment in an effort to reduce the effects of malfunction for instance corrosion, weakness and corrosion damage, specifically in dangerous & corrosive environments.